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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
I'm pretty okay with 2-card puzzles, especially since they make a couple different 2-card holders that the puzzles look really great dispalyed in. Otherwise, I don't want a ton of larger puzzles. I have a 4-card charity auction puzzle framed and it looks great, and I wouldn't mind have two or three more large puzzles framed for display. I don't have much interest in having a ton of them though.
I think most people would agree, that's why we'd never think of putting puzzles all over the place. We mandated a handful of 2-card puzzles and a small number of 4-carders, but my guess is that those will be few and far between.

In fact, the original notion of the "loaded sketch packs" was simply putting in 4 random sketches, but I think it makes it even more unique if they fit together, and let everyone know after the fact that you got them in one of these packs.

And gosh, if a collector pulls a puzzle set and would rather have singles, i'm sure there are plenty other fans out there that would gladly trade or shell our big for them!
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