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If they didn't have six belts four of which don't mean anything, the other IC belt is always in such limbo, they could have decent story lines not focusing on Cena and.... Cena.... with HHH mixed in.

So this Bryan thing has got me thinking... how long was Sting in the rafters before he wrestled and then how long was it before he beat Hogan that December (forget the year... 98? - McNabb was at Syracuse and they played KSU in the Fiesta Bowl)? I guess I could Google it, but from my memory that was over a year long build up.

How long did Sting keep the title after Hogan....?

I think if they had Bryan lose and then work is way back up (I think TNA did this a few years back) to be draw #1 and be one of the last three in the Rumble with Cena and whoever is hot then. Cena would come in 30, only to have Cena and Bryan eliminate each other - to face each other at Mania for a chance to have a title shot summer of '14.

They don't really need a title on Cena, Punk, and for that matter Bryan - they said when he was beat in 14 seconds to lose his other title it was to bury him.

Or having a Cena v Punk match in between two title matches at WM would be good also.

On another note - Heyman needs to have a tag team also - since Lesnar only has something like 3 more appearances....
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