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Originally Posted by Ziveus101 View Post
I just counted my signed PD cards and right now I'm at 57. So I've gotten 55 successful returns.

And awesome Holland. Gotta try him next year.
Wow, awesome set progress! If I had to guess, I'd say I'm up to around 70-80 2012 Pro Debuts. However, at the end of last year I probably only had about 40.

Thanks! You might have a chance with Holland still because the MLB season lasts another month or so (longer for the Rangers probably).

9/5 TTM #4/13

Gioskar Amaya c/o Kane County Cougars in 86 days

Nice return from the Cubs' #19 prospect. After three great seasons in DSL, AZL, and short-season, Amaya had a solid full season debut this year.

Giants, Giants, Giants! Send me a PM if you have Clayton Blackburn to sell!!!
Also looking for rarer, non auto Kyle Crick stuff!
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