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Originally Posted by joelopr20 View Post
Bubba Ray Dudley in the main event = automatic FAIL
I loved him as a tag team wrestler, but he's not fun to watch as a singles wrestlers.

Funny story... Back in the day I used to go to see ECW in South Philly and my buddy had front row seats. Well the guy next to me ran his mouth the whole time during a Dudley match. After the match was over, Bubba came sliding out of the ring and came up to me and yelled at me (instead of the guy sitting next to me) and shoved me back into the second row. Being somewhat drunk, I hopped back up and got in his face and we were yelling at each other while nose to nose. Half a dozen security guards got around us and Bubba finally walked away and went to the back. I was kind hoping he would have slugged me. Not to sue but to maybe get some free front row tickets out of the deal. I miss those days in the ECW Arena.
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