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Originally Posted by Jacquo1972 View Post
My mom works in the athletic department for IU, so she gets to hear some "behind the scenes" discussions. I know at one time, the relationship between Alford and IU was strained for some reason, but it's getting much better now. It seems like one of new Athletic Director's projects these days is healing old wounds that others before him caused. They're really trying to patch things up with Coach Knight, but who knows if that will ever happen.
That is very good that they are trying to "mend old wounds." Hopefully Tom Crean can get things back to how they were in the "good old days." I know they sent an olive branch to Knight this year when they inducted him in the IU hall of fame and invited him to be honored at a football game...I wish he would have agreed to come, I can only imagine the crowds reaction if he would have come back to IU. Hopefully some day!
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