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Both teams are petty young but David Leemwould be the main different in talent. Each team has young guys. Klay and Barnes for GS. Waiters and Thpmson for Cavs. Varejao and Bogut are pretty close talent wise and both missed time. Neither team had a killer bench but I guess GS holds a small advantage there as well.

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Ok and who has a better supporting cast?

Klay top pick

David Lee all star

Bogut former DPOY

Jack 6th man candidate

Barnes top pick

So does Curry play with a bunch of scrubs out there in GS?

Looking for the following. Pierce on the Celtics, Penny on the Magic, Jordan BGS/PSA inserts, Lebron PSA/BGS rookies, Ray Allen Celtics auto, and Kevin Garnett Celtics auto
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