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Irving perhaps will turnout to be the better player, but Curry has done a lot more with the talent he has. The Warriors won 23 more games in the western conference then the Cavliers won in a weaker eastern conference.

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I agree both teams have lots of young talent. I was simply pointing out that its not as if Curry only has himself and a bunch of scrubs.

It seemed someone was trying to say Kyrie as all this young talent around him and Curry doesn't, that just isn't true.

For the record I would say Kyrie, but Steph is a phenom himself and I would be overjoyed to have either on my team.

Looking for the following. Pierce on the Celtics, Penny on the Magic, Jordan BGS/PSA inserts, Lebron PSA/BGS rookies, Ray Allen Celtics auto, and Kevin Garnett Celtics auto
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