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Default Ebay Makes Mistake, Pulls Topps Washington Hair Auction)


In a strange mistake and what could turn out to be a costly one for seller Card_Galaxy on eBay, the powers that be pulled his legitimate auction for the Topps Allen & Ginter George Washington Hair card. The card was up to $8300 with just a couple days left when ebay abruptly took it down.

"Somebody in Trust & Safety pulled it because they said I could not list a George Washington item under the baseball cards heading," said owner Ken Simonis in an email. "They now understand it is a baseball card but too late so all they said I could do is relist."

It has been re-listed under baseball cards. The move could cost Simonis thousands of dollars. It is very important on an item such as this to get the early bids when the fever is at its pitch. With the auction already at $8300, now at $1750 there is a question as to whether the card will reach the heights it once did.

The Brill Report has heard from at least one bidder who is having second thoughts about bidding again. The other danger is people who bid, or who were watching and waiting to bid, may wonder why the auction is gone. It is not unusual for bidders to back off an auction the web site administration killed, simply for fear there was something wrong -- despite the fact in this case it was a major mistake on the part of the site owners.

-The Brill report
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