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Originally Posted by rukastar View Post
Nice Taylor Jordan!! I was thinking of sending to him ST of next year. Seems like Joc signed all his mail recently :P
Thanks, Jordan seems like a good signer. Yeah I'm glad Joc found the time to sign for us!

Originally Posted by centereacan06 View Post
Got Roache in today, same cards as you. I might as well just use those scans in my thread since they look exactly the same.
Haha go for it my friend

Originally Posted by RelicCollector View Post
Nice Pederson. The blue sharpie looks great with the blue jersey Pederson is wearing. Too bad about the Jesse Biddle though.
Thanks, I agree about the blue. It sucks that they didn't RTS it, instead they wasted my SASE..

3 returns yesterday:

Ehire Adrianza c/o Fresno Grizzlies in 11 days

Awesome return from Ozzie Guillen's nephew and a recent callup. Adrianza was believed to be the best defensive shortstop in the Giants' system. He has also proven he can hit- after earning a AAA promotion, he proceeded to hit .310 in 45 games.

Avery Romero c/o Batavia Muckdogs in 38 days

Great return from the Marlins' #8 prospect. He recently earned a callup from short-season after hitting .297 with 18 doubles in 56 games. This year he has split his time between 3B and SS, and could end up at either one.

George Kontos c/o Fresno Grizzlies in 23 days

Sweet return from the Giants' reliever. Kontos was magnificent in 2012 to help win the World Series, crafting a 2.47 ERA over 44 games, with 44 strikeouts across 43.2 innings.

Giants, Giants, Giants! Send me a PM if you have Clayton Blackburn to sell!!!
Also looking for rarer, non auto Kyle Crick stuff!
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