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Originally Posted by Ziveus101 View Post
Nice to see that you got a return from Avery Romero. I sent him a request with a NYPL Top Prospects card a while back, looking forward to tomorrow now .
Thanks, hope you get yours back tomorrow!

Originally Posted by groundhog View Post
Nice Romero. I like when players don't wear batting gloves.
Oh yeah, Vlad Guerrero style!

Originally Posted by rukastar View Post
totally agree, nice card and sig! might have to try him myself next year. the whole no-gloves thing always reminds me of Vladdy

random, i'm not sure if this has been asked but how do you print on index cards? I'd like to try something like that for people who have rubbish quality photos. some of the 4x6s i print look a little.... bad in fine detail
They are actually printed on 4x6 photo paper, but the photo itself is only 3x5. This leaves some extra white border, which I trim down a bit. This also helps because 4x6's don't quite fit in the SASE's I use, so at this trimmed size they fit much more comfortably.

This should help a bit with the resolution (3x5 instead of 4x6) but you can always try a different print size. Hope this helps!
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