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Default Bad eBay trend?

My dad has been clearing out a ton of his old boxes and other graded cards he's been sitting on for a few years. Within two weeks of each other he's had brand new buyers (at least based on eBay ID history) win high-end items (a Gretzky PSA 9 RC and a 48-pack box of late 70s OPC hockey) and then not pay.

One of the winners claimed he was new to eBay and had Paypal issues which kept him from paying - except that he bought some other high-end hockey the same day, and later bought a different Gretzky RC. The unpaid case closed, which means no negative feedback could be posted. There's no obvious ding to his ID either.

The other winner hasn't responded to any messages. His ID was created on Sept. 2, the day before he sniped the OPC box auction at $1,550.

Anyone else having issues like this? Anyone know if there are other ways to try to link newly created IDs to old IDs?
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