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Default 1 box 2013 Leaf Just Vault

I thoroughly enjoyed this stuff. Where else can you get an average of 22 autos and multiple 1/1s for around $100? Half of the guys are scrubs but i did get a low numbered Kershaw auto and several other players currently in the majors.

Here's the hits:

Triple auto 2/3 matt laporta alcides Escobar yovani gallardo
Troy tulowitzki glossy 1/1
Che hsuan Lin glossy 1/1
Pedro Baez plate 1/1
Chris salamida auto plate 1/1
Travis d'arnaud auto 6/10
Jeff samardzija auto 12/100
Clayton kershaw auto 23/25
Dexter fowler auto 10/25
Luke hochvear auto 9/25
Eric sogard auto
Kellen kulbacki auto 10/10
Michael main auto 21/50
Chaz roe auto 25/25
Nick Norman 17/25
Dustin Richardson auto 12/25
Travis snider auto 18/200
Unnumbered autos:
Justin Jackson
Sean o'sullivan
Eric Eiland
Carmen angelini
Sam runion
Danny worth
Sam Doolittle
Drew Cumberland

All are FS. Just PM me if interested
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