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Originally Posted by dbrown View Post
I put 4 stamps on the mailer. I'm not sure what the actual cost for postage is. I've never had a problem with using 4 stamps until I got the Gio Bernard back this week, I owed .23 postage on that one? Others were fine though.
I'd agree with you, I was getting away with putting 3 stamps on them, but I had some sure fire returns never come back. So I am thinking when it got to the destination it had postage owed and the athlete just tossed my package... so 4 stamps seems to be the new standard......

UVA fan? I was actually pretty impressed with them vs. my ducks. Their D-Line was pretty dominant, and Watford is a good QB. Plus adding a couple highly recruited tailbacks doesnt hurt. I think you guys are really underrated and anyone who actually watched that game knows that the score 59-10 was a LOT closer than it appeared... Thats the toughest defense Oregon has faced since Stanford last year.... Watch the Oregon Tennessee game this weekend, its going to be a blood bath and I'm sure you'll see your Cavs are a lot stronger than they are getting credit for.....
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