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Originally Posted by checkoutmydeals View Post
One way to defeat this is to use a Buy-It-Now with Best Offer format, rather than an auction format on higher end items. Set the Buy It Now price a little over what the item should go for. When the offers start to come in, you might quickly accept a reasonable offer from a reputable eBayer. If you get a $1500 offer from someone with 0 feedback, you might contact that person to get a feel for whether they're a flake or not.
Thanks for the comments. We've both sold for awhile (he's been on since '99, me consistently since 2007) with about 8,000 combined transactions, that's why this struck as so odd to happen twice in such a short span. I've done a few high-end items in past with no issues. There's no perfect selling format to defeat someone who is intent on scamming or not paying.

I know the idea of low-feedback and bid-and-run users isn't new, but wanted to feel out if anyone else noticed it more prominently of late.
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