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Originally Posted by checkoutmydeals View Post
One way to defeat this is to use a Buy-It-Now with Best Offer format, rather than an auction format on higher end items. Set the Buy It Now price a little over what the item should go for. When the offers start to come in, you might quickly accept a reasonable offer from a reputable eBayer. If you get a $1500 offer from someone with 0 feedback, you might contact that person to get a feel for whether they're a flake or not.
Problem is if you list with best offer and they make an offer and you accept then ebay paying rules go into effect again. They still have 4 days to pay if you accept a best offer. And again they can just not pay if they choose. Whats the diffrence if they win on auction and dont pay or win on best offer and dont pay. However if you list bin w/ best offer you can screen your buyer and check there feedback and history before you decide to accept the offer.

The only way to 100% avoid this is to list as Buy it now w/ immediate payment due.
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