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Maxrookiecards just scammed me. Thank goodness it wasn't anything like an Babe Ruth Auto. It was a Cordorelle Patterson for only $50. I mean it's only $50, damn. Sent an echeck as a payment. Went to see if payments were received (money received was highlighted in green) so i sent the item. When i went to see where the payment was - that is when i saw he/she paid with an echeck. BEWARE MAXROOKIECARDS!!!

So I called ebay. I told ebay I was not looking for a refund for item because ebay sux and wouldn't do anything cool like that. She then went on to tell me that I could not get refunded for payment..... which means this dumb lady wasn't even listening to me.

Finally, she understood that I truly wasn't after the $50 I lost, I was instead trying to make sure this "maxrookiecards" couldn't scam anyone else... She told me they would review the case. Which I take as - "we will do absolutely nothing."
I have the guys info and as tempted as I am to go there - People are crazy. AHHH Ebay/ Paypal !! I wish there was a company that did something!!!
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