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Default FS/FT: PROSPECTOR'S DREAM: Buxton and Sano

Autographed BYRON BUXTON / MIGUEL SANO Adirondack Pro baseball.

I have pics of the signings, but no further "official" documentation just yet. Fortunately, JSA will be doing in-person authentifications here in CO on September 21 and 22, so I'll be able to provide full certification at that point

Update: Passed JSA cert today on both autos. Certificate to arrive in the mail in 2 weeks!

I have no idea what something like this might potentially be worth down the road, so I'll just throw out $1000 OBO now to satisfy the rules.

Depending on who you listen to, these are two of the top 3 -- if not the top two -- prospects in the Minor Leagues right now. And they are likely to play together at the Major League level for years to come, situated right in the heart of the Twins lineup.

Thanks for looking!

Shipley and Renfroe Rainbows completed. Looking for DJ Peterson GEMS, Dustin Peterson GEMS, Hunter Renfroe GEMS, Joey Gallo GEMS, and Braden Shipley GEMS in GOLD or better.

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