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Originally Posted by twoten01 View Post
Honestly I am suprised it is going for that much. Kids collect Rousey becuase of her looks, same with Arianny cards. Nerds buy them up thinking they will have a chance with either of them, same reason these idiots get tattoos of both of them. Same reason Mcmanns cards sell for so cheap. That and the fact once Ronda loses, Dana is going to dump WMMA so quickly.
And the ignorant award for September 12, 2013 goes to.....Twoten01! Congrats!

Obviously you don't watch the sport, and don't watch WMMA. Nearly every one of their fights are more exciting than the mens fights. It is going NOWHERE ever, I'll bet my bank account on that. People collect Rousey because she is as dominant as one can be in her sport. She wants to retire 10-0, and honestly its looking more and more like she will, she has already run through everyone the UFC has thrown at her. McMann's cards sell cheap because she has ONE fight in the UFC and it was on an UNDERCARD that most people prob didn't watch. Did she look solid? Sure, once she gets more exposure or beats a big name in the division maybe people will pay more attention to her.
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