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Originally Posted by twoten01 View Post
I Buy Joe Lauzon cards, because he is a personal friend of mine, and I train with him, oops there goes your statement of me not watching MMA.(But thanks for taking time out of your busy day, to check me out, I am flattered.)

Exactly you further stated my point, people will only buy cards of female fighters that are good looking, you don't see that as a problem.(And I am the sexist one?) I would much rather watch Sara or Roxanne fight any time over Rousey, and so would most fans that watch MMA and not just the UFC. But lets be real would either of them two, even if they were as dominant as Ronda, get a movie deal, as a main character. Not a chance in hell( Well maybe Roxy in Kick Ass3). That is the flaw with WMMA, the brightest stars are the "prettiest" looking ones, and then when they get to the top of the sport, they bail to become an actress. Also when the best fighter in WMMA is not in the UFC we will never know how good Ronda really is.

And I get my news from mixedmartialarts, you know the site where most MMA fighters including all 4 we posted about, are members. And there are plenty of posts on there from female fighters who complain about the sexism of the sport, it is extremely rampant.

People buy Rousey because she is DOMINANT. Because she is 7-0 and has the exposure that make people know her. She has 5 fights that all were very well viewed in Strikforce and the UFC. Sorry, but there ARE better looking female fighters than Ronda, so there goes YOUR theory. People have NO CLUE who Sara McMann is yet, at least the casual fans and collectors don't. If she ends up winning a couple fights in the UFC, maybe her cards will shoot up, the same way Ronda's have shot up from $50-$60 for her first Finest Auto all the way up to the $200+ you see on them now. She wasn't an overnight success, she had 3 fights in Strikeforce that led to her becoming a household name in the UFC. Sara has ONE UFC fight and an Invicta fight before that,

Roxanne is on a 5 fight losing streak (not including her fight to get into the house) just like Sara, if she is successful then maybe more people will take interest in her. WMMA is NEW to almost everyone, unless you are a hardcore fan most of the names in the sport are nobodies to you with the exception of Ronda and Miesha.

People buy cards of Ronda not because she is good looking, but because she is the biggest name in the sport right now, and until (if) she looses, she will continue to be the biggest name.
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