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Default Rittenhouse Marvel 70th Sketch Card Pull

Many of you might not be familiar with the soaring in popularity "sketch cards" but I had to enter this amazing pull.

Sketch cards are original art created with a vast array of media including oils, markers, and/or pencils. Rittenhouse is fast becoming the standard of guranteeing one color sketch card per box. Their most recent set was called "Marvel 70th". A popular artist, Andy Price, decided to do something special with his cards so all 102 of his cards were part of ten 9-card and three 4-card "puzzles". After Mr. Price turned in his cards/work, Rittenhouse informed him they were doing something special. They decided to make the "puzzle" collecting easy by inserting EACH PUZZLE (14 total) into a single box. So each of these "hot" boxes would include NINE or THREE sketch cards instead of the guaranteed one.

I've been an avid sketch card collector the past couple years and bought two sets of four boxes on 5/1 here (order #s 75283 and 75285). Surprised and excited would be huge understatements when I pulled a 9-card puzzle from the 4th box I broke. There were a total of 8,000 boxes produced so the odds of pulling a 9-card puzzle was 1-in-800 boxes!

Here is scan of the back of one card --->

Here is scans of all 9 cards --->

Here is artist scan of puzzle "together" --->

THANK YOU Blowoutcards!
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