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Cards in all sports sell based on popularity as well as performance and a disproportionate blend... the market dictates such.

That's why the "Major Market" teams like the Yankees, Dodgers, Lakers, Celtics, Red Wings, Bruins, Cowboys, 49ers, etc. players typically command more attention and value to their smaller market counterpart players who have equal or lesser performance statistics.

It's why Danica Patrick outsells Jeff Gordon. Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova outsells Sarina and Venus Williams. Manon Rheume outsold her Hockey counterparts of her day.

As the marketing motto goes "Sex Sells", not to discredit or disparage the accomplishments of those who are glamorously beautiful and those who are not (yet are statistical monsters).

People buy what (and who) what they want. The majority of collectors are men, and men who enjoy beautiful women, 'thus it makes sense when there's an opportunity to cross interests from their hobby and their personal tastes to pursue that. Similarly in the "female card" market, African American and ethnic girls generally don't command high values nor attention, call it racist or preference, but the market dictates everything and it's quite soft if you're not thin, young and Caucasian generally for the cards.

Personality sells too, whether it was Muhammad Ali, Deion Sanders or outspoken athletes like Ronda Rousey. She has a perfect blend of ability, personality and beauty, so I doubt if she's destined for a dramatic downfall. The fact she has a safety net with her emerging acting career ("Expendables") would have me almost say "double down" on her as a solid investment more so than some of the current MMA "dime a dozen" not so unique male talent who may win, wear championship belts, but in 5-10 years will be amongst the forgotten masses. She's also "the First" champion so that's a legacy and claim to fame nobody can take from her. I believe the women's division will continue to thrive, even if the UFC didn't support it, it could continue elsewhere. It's a lot more interesting to watch than most of the Male undercard matches.

I'd say Miesha Tate is a solid investment as well since she's not favored to win, but has the ability, so if she does upset Ronda, she'll be the heir apparent to that throne as the spokesperson for the Women's division, as she has arguably greater aesthetic feminine beauty than Rousey. If she loses, already having 2 major and recent losses, there's a downside to her as an MMA athlete, but she's young and attractive enough to find a different spotlight to shine on her allowing her success elsewhere, or at least the opportunity that being young, cute and pretty affords certain people.

The other MMA Women counterparts are not so aesthetically "girly girl" attractive like Cyborg, Cat, and Kauffman. So, the pin-up appeal isn't driving demand for those ladies and it's an uphill battle as investments.

The "Ring Girls" are not more than "Benchwarmer" (the card company) type models with a fan base but as an aging commodity (their stock continues to plummet with time since all they have to go off of is their looks more so than a skill set), so I'd not think those are solid investments for the long term. For the short term, they're absolutely cardboard gold 'tho. There might be one diamond in the rough amongst the ring girls who emerges as a singer, actress or something beyond being a model, who that is, I don't know 'tho.

The Topps MMA cards are excellent value propositions considering most are numbered to 88 or 188 or under 500... with such massive popularity, the limited population of the limited edition cards should certainly eventually get recognized as scarce.

It wouldn't take much for a single collector to horde and corner the market on a specific low numbered card and control the marketplace I'd think.

I'm not sure why they have such odd numbering like 27, 88, 188, etc. instead of traditional numbers like 10, 25, 50, 100, etc.
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