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Originally Posted by ilovethelakings View Post
But we don't know what info Walt learns between the time he is taken away in the minivan and the time he is at the Denny's on his birthday. Perhaps he learns about the blue meth being made again, and he knows that only one other person in the world knows how to make his product and that he must still be alive.
So does he want to save him or kill him?

Don't forget, in the desert, if not for Meth Damon deciding he wanted JEsse to cook for him, Jesse would be dead. Walt gave the order to kill him and it was only on Walt's approval that he let him live.

This series could have very well ended today. Add in one scene with Saul giving Skylar $5m, and having Walt Jr.'s college fund pain for, and a scene with Walt lying down in a hotel bed and staring up at the ceiling/dying quietly. Done. Series over.

I'll be honest, I have NO idea where this is going. Walt was obviously pissed that $69m was taken from him, but it didn't seem as though revenge was on his mind - he wanted to take the $11m and get the family out of dodge (although I'm not quite sure what the urgency was, unless the van was coming).

Jesse, as far as Walt knows now, is dead, although obviously if he hears about the blue meth, he knows Jesse is alive - does he want to finish the job or "save him"? SAving him doesn't make sense to me, since he told him an unforgivable act (letting Jane die) and telling the Nazis to kill him.

Love this show. Don't know where it's going.
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