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Default 2010 Sportkings Series D

We have listed the product information below. Please post any BOX Breaks, YOUTUBE Videos, or comments related to this product. Our goal is to compile all of the information for this product on this THREAD so that members can come to one place to view all of the Breaks and Information.

Please click the links below to purchase this product by the Box or Case


Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

2010 Sportkings Series D

Product Info: Can two of the greatest fighters of all-time be available in the same product?

Yes they can, Georges St-Pierre and Muhammad Ali team up in Sportkings Series D being released this July.
Sport Kings LP continues the tradition of this historic product featuring the greatest athletes of all-time across the entire spectrum of sports world.

Both athletes will have base cards, authentic memorabilia cards and hard-signed autograph cards, a collectors delight.

Other new additions for Series D include iconic wrestler Bruno Sammartino and baseball hall of famer Tony Gwynn.

Every box of Sportkings Series D will contain 5 cards, 4 base cards and one insert card. The insert will be either a hard-signed autograph or an authentic game-used memorabilia card including cut-signatures, admit one redemptions, Made To Order and many other amazing inserts. Additionally there are parallels of the base cards including the very popular mini base version inserted 1:2 boxes, mini silver & gold versions inserted 1:19 boxes. Insert ratios are an average throughout the entire production run and are not guaranteed in any individual box or case.

Series D Base Card Checklist

161Gracie, RoyceMixed Martial Arts 162Snider, DukeBaseball 163Rocca, ArgentinaWrestling 164May-Treanor, MistyVolleyball 165Walsh, KerriVolleyball 166Nguyen, ScottyPoker 167Craig, JimHockey 168Chamberlain, WiltBasketball 169Knight, BobbyBasketball 170Nehemiah, RenaldoTrack and Field 171Mayweather, Floyd Jr.Boxing 172Armstrong, HenryBoxing 173Swoopes, SherylBasketball 174Rodman, DennisBasketball 175Sapp, WarrenFootball 176Hart, BretWrestling 177Fangio, Juan ManuelMotorsports 178Sakic, JoeHockey 179Ali, MuhammadBoxing 180Gwynn, TonyBaseball 181Nicklaus, JackGolf 182Gibson, Althea Tennis 183Parent, BernieHockey 184St-Pierre, GeorgesMixed Martial Arts 185Golic, BibaTable Tennis 186McGwire, MarkBaseball 187Laurance, EwaBilliards 188Pincay, Laffit JRHorse Racing 189Unitas, JohnnyFootball 190Greene, JoeFootball 191Cotton, HenryGolf 192War AdmiralHorse Racing 193Gaylord, MitchGymnastics 194Carlton, SteveBaseball 195Coleman, RonnieWeightlifting 196Zatopek, EmilTrack and Field 197Eddy MerckxCycling 198Foss, JoeAviation 199Hamilton, ScottSkating 200Anthony, EarlBowling 201Berry, RaymondFootball 202Neal, CurlyBasketball 203Lilly, BobFootball 204Lee, BruceJudo 205Sammartino, BrunoWrestling 206Butcher, SusanIditarod 207EusebioSoccer 208Baze, RussellHorse Racing
  • Checklist subject to change up until release date.

Series D Memorabilia Card Checklist

SINGLE MEMORABILIA SM-01Muhammad Ali SM-02Bernie Parent SM-03Biba Golic SM-04Bobby Knight SM-05Bret Hart SM-06Bruno Sammartino SM-07Curly Neal SM-08Dennis Rodman SM-09Duke Snider SM-10Ewa Laurance SM-11Georges St-Pierre SM-12Jack Nicklaus SM-13Joe Sakic SM-14Kerri Walsh SM-15Mark McGwire SM-16Mark McGwire SM-17Joe Greene SM-18Misty May-Treanor SM-19 Mitch Gaylord SM-20Raymond Berry SM-21Renaldo Nehemiah SM-22Ronnie Coleman SM-23Royce Gracie SM-24Scott Hamilton SM-25Scotty Nguyen SM-26Sheryl Swoopes SM-27Steve Carlton SM-28Tony Gwynn SM-29Warren Sapp SM-30Wilt Chamberlain SML-01Bruce Lee (limited)

GAME-USED PATCH P-01Bernie Parent P-02Joe Sakic P-03Mark McGwire P-04Sheryl Swoopes P-05Steve Carleton P-06Warren Sapp P-07Joe Sakic P-08Lawrence Taylor P-09Mark McGwire P-10Tony Gwynn

Daniel Negreanu

DM-02Royce Gracie
Georges St. Pierre

DM-03Misty May-Treanor
Kerri Walsh

DM0-4Bret Hart
Bruno Sammartino

DM-05Muhammad Ali
Larry Holmes

DM-06Muhammad Ali
Angelo Dundee

DM-07Wilt Chamberlain
Curly Neal

DM-08Warren Sapp
Lawrence Taylor

DM-09Sheryl Swoopes
Lisa Leslie

DM-10Joe Sakic
Joe Sakic

DML-01Muhammad Ali (limited)
Joe Frazier (limited)

Joe Sakic
Bernie Parent

TM-02Misty May-Treanor
Kerri Walsh
Karch Kiraly

TM-03Wilt Chamberlain
Curly Neal
Dennis Rodman

TM-04Royce Gracie
Georges St. Pierre
Bruno Sammartino

TM-05Warren Sapp
Lawrence Taylor
Joe Greene

TM-06Mark McGwire
Duke Snider
Tony Gwynn

TML-01Muhammad Ali (limited)
Joe Frazier (limited)
Larry Holmes (limited)

QUAD MEMORABILIA QM-01Wilt Chamberlain
Curly Neal
Dennis Rodman
Bobby Knight

QM-02Misty May-Treanor
Kerri Walsh
Biba Golic
Ewa Laurance

QM-03Muhammad Ali
Mike Tyson
Lennox Lewis
Roy Jones Jr.

QM-04Mark McGwire
Duke Snider
Tony Gwynn
Steve Carlton

QML-01Johnny Unitas (limited)
Raymond Berry (limited)
Joe Greene (limited)
Bob Lilly (limited)

Patrick Roy

CSD-02Wilt Chamberlain
Bernie Parent

CSD-03Georges St-Pierre
Patrick Roy

CSD-04Dennis Rodman
Bobby Hull

CSD-05Duke Snider
Mitch Gaylord

CSD-06Mark McGwire
Reggie Jackson

CSD-07Joe Greene
Mario Lemieux

Patrick Roy
Raymond Bourque

CST-02Wilt Chamberlain
Bernie Parent
Steve Carlton

CST-03Georges St-Pierre
Patrick Roy
Gary Carter

CST-04Dennis Rodman
Bobby Hull
Andre Dawson

NUMEROLOGY N-01Bernie Parent N-02Bob Lilly N-03Raymond Berry N-04Duke Snider N-05Joe Sakic N-06Joe Sakic N-07Lawrence Taylor N-08Mark McGwire N-09Mark McGwire N-10Sheryl Swoopes N-11Steve Carlton N-12Tony Gwynn N-13Warren Sapp N-14Joe Greene

LUMBER L-01Joe Sakic L-02Jim Craig L-03Mark McGwire L-04Tony Gwynn L-05Bernie Parent

DECADES D-01Duke Snider1960s
Wilt Chamberlain1970s
Joe Sakic1980s
Mark McGwire1990s

D-02Johnny Unitas1960s
Muhammad Ali1970s
Bret Hart1980s
Patrick Roy1990s

D-03Raymond Berry1960s
Muhammad Ali1970s
Tony Gwynn1980s
Joe Sakic1990s

D-04Steve Carlton1970s
Mike Tyson1980s
Dennis Rodman1990s
Warren Sapp2000s

D-05Muhammad Ali1960s
Jack Nicklaus1970s
Jim Craig1980s
Mark McGwire1990s

GREATEST MOMENTS GM-01Wilt Chamberlain GM-02Muhammad Ali GM-03Jack Nicklaus GM-04Mark McGwire GM-05Steve Carlton GM-06Scott Hamilton

AUTOTHREADS AT-BKBobby Knight AT-TPTony Perez AT-BGBiba Golic AT-DSDuke Snider AT-BPBernie Parent AT-RNRenaldo Nehemiah AT-MMMark McGwire AT-SHScott Hamilton AT-SCSteve Carlton AT-MGMitch Gaylord

LOGO CARDS LC-01Royce Gracie LC-02Duke Snider LC-03Antonio "Argentina" Rocca LC-04Misty May-Treanor LC-05Kerri Walsh LC-06Scotty Nguyen LC-07Jim Craig LC-08Wilt Chamberlain LC-09Bobby Knight LC-10Renaldo Nehemiah LC-11Floyd Mayweather Jr. LC-12Henry Armstrong LC-13Sheryl Swoopes LC-14Dennis Rodman LC-15Warren Sapp LC-16Bret Hart LC-17Juan Manuel Fangio LC-18Joe Sakic LC-19Muhammad Ali LC-20Tony Gwynn LC-21Jack Nicklaus LC-22Althea Gibson LC-23Bernie Parent LC-24Georges St-Pierre LC-25Biba Golic LC-26Mark McGwire LC-27Ewa Laurance LC-28Eusebio LC-29Johnny Unitas LC-30Mean Joe Greene LC-31Henry Cotton LC-32War Admiral LC-33Mitch Gaylord LC-34Steve Carlton LC-35Ronnie Coleman LC-36Emil Zatopek LC-37Eddy Merckx LC-38Joe Foss LC-39Scott Hamilton LC-40Earl Anthony LC-41Raymond Berry LC-42Fred "Curly" Neal LC-43Bob Lilly LC-44Bruce Lee LC-45Bruno Sammartino LC-46Susan Butcher LC-47Laffit Pincay Jr LC-48Russell Baze

KING-SIZED MEMORABILIA KSM-01Muhammad Ali KSM-02Biba Golic KSM-03Bob Lilly KSM-04Bobby Knight KSM-05Bret Hart KSM-06Bruce Lee KSM-07Bruno Sammartino KSM-08Curly Neal KSM-09Dennis Rodman KSM-10Duke Snider KSM-11Ewa Laurance KSM-12George St-Pierre KSM-13Jack Nicklaus KSM-14Jim Craig KSM-15Joe Greene KSM-16Joe Sakic KSM-17Joe Sakic KSM-18Kerri Walsh KSM-19Mark McGwire KSM-20Mark McGwire KSM-21Misty May-Treanor KSM-22Mitch Gaylord KSM-23Ronnie Coleman KSM-24Royce Gracie KSM-25Scott Hamilton KSM-26Scotty Nguyen KSM-27Sheryl Swoopes KSM-28Steve Carlton KSM-29Tony Gwynn KSM-30Warren Sapp KSM-31Wilt Chamberlain
  • Checklist subject to change up until release date.

Series D Cut Signature Checklist

CO-BJBan Johnson CO-BGBart Giamatti CO-BBBert Bell CO-BKBowie Kuhn CO-CSCarl Storck CO-CCClarence Campbell CO-ELElmer Layden CO-FVFay Vincent CO-FFFord Frick CO-HCHappy Chandler CO-JWKJ. Walter Kennedy CO-JTJim Thorpe CO-KMLKenesaw Mountain Landis CO-LOLawrence O'Brien CO-MPMaurice Podoloff CO-PUPeter Ueberroth CO-RDRed Dutton CO-WEWilliam Eckert

FH-HSHarry Stuhldreher FH-JCJim Crowley FH-ELElmer Layden FH-KRKnute Rockne

BB- AGAlthea Gibson BB-AAArthur Ashe BB-BRBranch Rickey BB-ELEarl Lloyd BB-JRJackie Robinson BB-JOJesse Owens BB-LDLarry Doby BB-LSLouise Stokes BB-MLKMartin Luther King BB-NCNat "Sweetwater" Clifton BB-RPRosa Parks BB-WOWillie O'Ree

GMW-ARAnnette Rogers GMW-BRBetty Robinson GMW-BRIBob Richards GMW-DBDick Button GMW-FPFloyd Patterson GMW-JWJohnny Weissmuller GMW-MCMary Carew GMW-SLSammy Lee GMW-HSHelen Stephens GMW-BMBilly Mills GMW-RBRalph Boston GMW-TMTommy Moe GMW-MPMel Patton GMW-EFEvelyn Furtsch GMW-JNJohn Naber GMW-GLGreg Louganis GMW-KKKathy Keeler GMW-DJDan Jansen GMW-JCKJean Claude Killy GMW-BSBob Seagren GMW-TSTeofilo Stevenson GMW-ADAnne Donovan GMW-JEJanet Evans GMW-TSMTommie Smith GMW-MKMicki King GMW-LRLindy Remigino GMW-PMPhil Mahre GMW-JSJack Shea GMW-POParry O'Brien GMW-CHJCarol Heiss Jenkins GMW-DADerrick Adkins

HW-AAAlan Ameche HW-ABAngelo Bertelli HW-BVBilly Vessels HW-CFClint Frank HW-DODavey O'Brien HW-DKDick Kazmaier HW-DWDoak Walker HW-DBDoc Blanchard HW-EDErnie Davis HW-FSFrank Sinkwich HW-GBGary Beban HW-GDGlenn Davis HW-HWHerschel Walker HW-JBJay Berwanger HW-JBEJoe Bellino HW-JDCJohn David Crow HW-JHJohn Huarte HW-JLJohnny Lattner HW-JLUJohnny Lujack HW-JRJohnny Rodgers HW-LKLarry Kelley HW-MGMike Garrett HW-MRMike Rozier HW-OSO.J. Simpson HW-PSPat Sullivan HW-PHPaul Hornung HW-PDPete Dawkins HW-RSRoger Staubach HW-SOSteve Owens HW-SSSteve Spurrier HW-TBTerry Baker HW-THTom Harmon HW-TDTony Dorsett

PC-AG1Althea Gibson PC-AG2Althea Gibson PC-AG3Althea Gibson PC-AG4Althea Gibson PC-AG5Althea Gibson PC-JU1Johnny Unitas PC-JU2Johnny Unitas PC-JU3Johnny Unitas PC-HC1Henry Cotton PC-HC2Henry Cotton PC-ARArgentina Rocca PC-EA1Earl Anthony PC-EA2Earl Anthony PC-EZEmil Zapotek PC-HAHenry Armstrong PC-SBSusan Butcher PC-JFJoe Foss PC-JMFJuan Manuel Fangio PC-BL1Bruce Lee PC-BL2Bruce Lee

VPC-CJCharles Jewtraw VPC-EVEllsworth Vines VPC-WHWalter Hagen VPC-MBMax Baer VPC-JTJim Thorpe VPC-JDJack Dempsey VPC-GTGene Tunney VPC-BDZBabe Didrikson Zaharias

CC-WAWalter Alston CC-SASparky Anderson CC-RARed Auerbach CC-SBScotty Bowman CC-HBHerb Brooks CC-PBPaul Brown CC-PBBPaul "Bear" Bryant CC-CDChuck Daly CC-WEWeeb Ewbank CC-GHGeorge Halas CC-WHWoody Hayes CC-HIHank Iba CC-PJPhil Jackson CC-MKMike Krzyzewski CC-TLTom Landry CC-TLATommy Lasorda CC-VLVince Lombardi CC-CMConnie Mack CC-JMJoe McCarthy CC-BPBill Parcells CC-APAra Parseghian CC-JPJoe Paterno CC-FRFrank Ramsey CC-EREddie Robinson CC-ARAdolph Rupp CC-BSBo Schembechler CC-MSMarty Schottenheimer CC-DSDon Shula CC-DSMDean Smith CC-AASAmos Alonzo Stagg CC-CSCasey Stengel CC-HSHank Stram CC-PSPat Summitt CC-LWLenny Wilkens CC-JWJohn Wooden CC-BWABill Walsh CC-BBBobby Bowden

CK-BRBill Russell CK-BSBill Sharman CK-BCOBob Cousy CK-BPBob Pettit CK-DBDave Bing CK-DCDave Cowens CK-DDDave DeBusschere CK-DRDavid Robinson CK-DSDolph Schayes CK-EMEarl Monroe CK-EBElgin Baylor CK-GGGeorge Gervin CK-GMGeorge Mikan CK-HGHal Greer CK-JLJerry Lucas CK-JWJerry West CK-JHJohn Havlicek CK-JEJulius Erving CKMJMagic Johnson CK-MJOMichael Jordan CK-PAPaul Arizin CK-PMPete Maravich CK-SJSam Jones CK-WFWalt Frazier CK-WUWes Unseld
  • Checklist subject to change up until release date.

Autograph Card Checklist

Autograph Cards A-MAL1Ali, Muhammad A-MAL2Ali, Muhammad A-MAL3Ali, Muhammad A-RBAZ1Baze, Russell A-RBAZ2Baze, Russell A-RBAZ3Baze, Russell A-RBE1Berry, Raymond A-RBE2Berry, Raymond A-RBE3Berry, Raymond A-SC1Carlton, Steve A-SC2Carlton, Steve A-RCOL1Coleman, Ronnie A-RCOL2Coleman, Ronnie A-RCOL3Coleman, Ronnie A-E1Eusebio A-E2Eusebio A-MG1Gaylord, Mitch A-MG2Gaylord, Mitch A-BGO1Golic, Biba A-BGO2Golic, Biba A-BGO3Golic, Biba A-RG1Gracie, Royce A-RG2Gracie, Royce A-JG1Greene, Joe A-JG2Greene, Joe A-TG1Gwynn, Tony A-TG2Gwynn, Tony A-TG3Gwynn, Tony A-BHAHart, Bret A-BHAHart, Bret A-SH1Hamilton, Scott A-SC2Hamilton, Scott A-BKN1Knight, Bobby A-BKN2Knight, Bobby A-BKN3Knight, Bobby A-EL1Laurance, Ewa A-EL2Laurance, Ewa A-EL3Laurance, Ewa A-BL1Lilly, Bob A-BL2Lilly, Bob A-MMT1May-Treanor, Misty A-MMT2May-Treanor, Misty A-MMC1McGwire, Mark A-MMC2McGwire, Mark A-CN1Neal, Curly A-CN2Neal, Curly A-RN1Nehemiah, Renaldo A-RN2Nehemiah, Renaldo A-SN1Nguyen, Scotty A-SN2Nguyen, Scotty A-JNI1Nicklaus, Jack A-JNI2Nicklaus, Jack A-JNI3Nicklaus, Jack A-BP1Parent, Bernie A-BP2Parent, Bernie A-LP1Pincay Jr., Laffit A-LP2Pincay Jr., Laffit A-LP3Pincay Jr., Laffit A-DR1Rodman, Dennis A-DR2Rodman, Dennis A-JS1Sakic, Joe A-JS2Sakic, Joe A-BSAM1Sammartino, Bruno A-BSAM2Sammartino, Bruno A-BSAM3Sammartino, Bruno A-WS1Sapp, Warren A-WS2Sapp, Warren A-DSN1Snider, Duke A-DSN2Snider, Duke A-GSP1St-Pierre, Georges A-GSP2St-Pierre, Georges A-GSP3St-Pierre, Georges A-SSW1Swoopes, Sheryl A-SSW2Swoopes, Sheryl A-KWA1Walsh, Kerri A-KWA2Walsh, Kerri

Auto/Memo Cards AM-RBE1Berry, Raymond AM-RBE2Berry, Raymond AM-RBE3Berry, Raymond AM-SC1Carlton, Steve AM-SC2Carlton, Steve AM-RCOL1Coleman, Ronnie AM-RCOL2Coleman, Ronnie AM-RCOL3Coleman, Ronnie AM-MG1Gaylord, Mitch AM-MG2Gaylord, Mitch AM-BGO1Golic, Biba AM-BGO2Golic, Biba AM-BGO3Golic, Biba AM-RG1Gracie, Royce AM-RG2Gracie, Royce AM-JG1Greene, Joe AM-JG2Greene, Joe AM-TG1Gwynn, Tony AM-TG2Gwynn, Tony AM-TG3Gwynn, Tony AM-BHA1Hart, Bret AM-BHA2Hart, Bret AM-SH1Hamilton,Scott AM-SH2Hamilton, Scott AM-BKN1Knight, Bobby AM-BKN2Knight, Bobby AM-BKN3Knight, Bobby AM-EL1Laurance, Ewa AM-EL2Laurance, Ewa AM-EL3Laurance, Ewa AM-BL1Lilly, Bob AM-BL2Lilly, Bob AM-MMT1May-Treanor, Misty AM-MMT2May-Treanor, Misty AM-MMC1McGwire, Mark AM-MMC2McGwire, Mark AM-CN1Neal, Curly AM-CN2Neal, Curly AM-RN1Nehemiah, Renaldo AM-RN2Nehemiah, Renaldo AM-SN1Nguyen, Scotty AM-SN2Nguyen, Scotty AM-JNI1Nicklaus, Jack AM-JNI2Nicklaus, Jack AM-JNI3Nicklaus, Jack AM-BP1Parent, Bernie AM-BP2Parent, Bernie AM-DR1Rodman, Dennis AM-DR2Rodman, Dennis AM-JS1Sakic, Joe AM-JS2Sakic, Joe AM-BSAM1Sammartino, Bruno AM-BSAM2Sammartino, Bruno AM-BSAM3Sammartino, Bruno AM-WS1Sapp, Warren AM-WS2Sapp, Warren AM-DSN1Snider, Duke AM-DSN2Snider, Duke AM-GSP1St-Pierre, Georges AM-GSP2St-Pierre, Georges AM-GSP3St-Pierre, Georges AM-SSW1Swoopes, Sheryl AM-SSW2Swoopes, Sheryl AM-KWA1Walsh, Kerri AM-KWA2Walsh, Kerri

Autothreads AT-SCCarlton, Steve AT-MGGaylord, Mitch AT-BGGolic, Biba AT-TGGwynn, Tony AT-BKNKnight, Bobby AT-MMCMcGwire, Mark AT-RNNehemiah, Renaldo AT-BPParent, Bernie AT-DSNSnider, Duke
  • Checklist subject to change up until release date.

Memorabilia Insert Numbers

Single Memorabilia30 different cards26 of each card Single Memorabilia-Gold30 different cards10 of each card Single Memorabilia - Limited1 card4 of each card Single Memorabilia - Limited Gold1 card1 of each card Double Memorabilia10 different cards20 of each card Double Memorabilia Gold10 different cards10 of each card Double Memorabilia - Limted1 card4 of each card Double Memorabilia - Limted Gold1 card1 of each card Triple Memorabilia6 different cards20 of each card Triple Memorabilia Gold6 different cards10 of each card Triple Memorabilia - Limited1 card4 of each card Triple Memorabilia - Limited Gold1 card1 of each card Quad Memorabilia4 different cards9 of each card Quad Memorabilia Gold4 different cards1 of each card Quad Memorabilia - Limited1 card4 of each card Quad Memorabilia - Limited Gold1 card1 of each card Numerology14 different cards9 of each card Numerology Gold14 different cards1 of each card Patch Cards10 different cards20 of each card Patch Cards Gold10 different cards10 of each card Lumber5 different cards4 of each card Lumber Gold5 different cards1 of each card Decades5 different cards19 of each card Decades Gold5 different cards1 of each card King-Sized Memo 31 different cards1 of each card City Scapes-Double7 different cards19 of each card City Scapes - Double Gold7 different cards1 of each card City Scapes-Triple4 different cards19 of each card City Scapes Triple Gold4 different cards1 of each card Greatest Moments6 different cards20 of each card Greatest Moments Gold6 different cards10 of each card Autothreads10 different cards10 of each card Logo Cards48 different cards1 of each card 1933 Sportkings8 different cards1 of each card Cut Signatures193 different cards1 of each card Made To Order3 different cards10 of each card Vintage Memorabilia5 different cards1 of each card
  • Checklist subject to change up until release date.

Sportkings at The National

We are pleased to announce our third trip to The National, in fact, it was three years ago at The National that Sportkings made it's comeback.

We will celebrate our trip to The National with an impressive Box Top Redemption Program.

Each collector opening three boxes of Sportkings Series will receive a special Sportkings redemption card either numbered out of ten or a 1/1.

It is important to note that box tops used for this redemption will not qualify for any other Sportkings redemption programs.

The Choice is Yours - Box Top Redemption

Collectors, hang on to your Series D box tops. You can use them in our new Sportkings Series D Box Top Redemption Program!

There three different game-used memorabilia cards available in this program.

Now you don't have to attend a major card show to participate. You have three choices:
  1. You can send 6-Series D box tops for a game-used memorabilia card numbered out of ten or
  2. 24-Series D box tops for a game-used 1/1 memorabilia card or
  3. 40-Series D box tops for a 1/1 double sided memorabilia card.
Please note that box tops used at any other of our Redemption Programs are not eligible for this program.

This offer is available until August 1, 2011.

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