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Originally Posted by toppsfan View Post
Platinum autographs looked okay, and sold okay; however, they were (as you said) nothing special.
The horizontal orientation of the platinum autographs turned off a lot of buyers, there was simply too much blank space, not to mention how many base cards and scrubs are in that product.
The vertical orientation of this product's base autographs could lead to a price surge, as these previews actually look good, as far as the Sano and Buxton are concerned.

The reason last year flopped was lack of big names and a horizontal orientation with a "ehh" design that didn't scan well.
The previous years consisted of awful designs (2011,2010) and lots of sticker autos. If the autograph checklist is anything resembling that of Inception, this product will be a big hit.
I agree with most of this with the exception of 2011. Other than the stickers that was one of my favorite sets ever. The base were beautiful and the autos were done traditionaly and not horizontaly. Still very underwhelmed with these as far as shown up above but I guess we'll see.
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