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p.s. Just looking at the calender, plan on having payments due to me by 3 June 8pm EST. If someone cannot meet that timeline, we'll have about 2 days (5 June 8pm EST) to have standby personnel join the break. That also gives me plenty of time to get the funds in to BLOWOUT.
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Deposit sent and confirmed RECEIVED by BLOWOUT.

Some thoughts from a slow day...
Reading over some of the other Draft style Group Breaks, I want us all to be in agreement on a few things:

1. As soon as a case is entirely paid off, I will try to do the randomization on THAT CASE and let the participants start the selection process. I know this should not be as hard as a baseball draft, but I don't want it to be painfully slow. If this starts to drag, let's plan on a no bull$*** Draft selection kick-off for Monday, June 7th 6:30PM EST. If it looks like things are too confusing I'll even create different threads to accomodate Case 1 and Case 2. I recommend the #1 Draft Pick person PMing the next 2 in line, and so on and so forth.

2. Will anyone be up that way to actually see the Draft LIVE? We have a lot of members from all over the place, I bet there might be some up there?

If you guys think of anything else, please post your thoughts.
Ok... found 2 old posts. 3 June, 8pm EST is the deadline for payments. That gives me 4 days to fill any empty slots. For now, unless a case gets paid off beforehand, the Draft will kick off on 7 June, 6:30pm EST. NOTE: There will NOT be multiple threads for the Draft. If case 2 gets paid off before case 1, then case 2 will start and FINISH their selections BEFORE I open the case 1 draft. This will alleviate any potential miscommunication problems between cases. Deal?

This can change and will change as the situation permits. I am hoping we do this sooner than later. PMs going out tomorrow for non-payments.
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