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Originally Posted by rukastar View Post
Great hauls! Awesome to see Sanchez and Heaney sign ttm. I'm looking to send to both in the AFL!

Nice Gonzalez too, I've always wanted to send to him but I haven't any cards for him.
Thanks!! Sanchez seems underhyped to me, considering he's a top 20 prospect. Doesn't seem to get much attention from Topps/collectors.

Originally Posted by Ziveus101 View Post
Awesome returns man. I might try sending to Sanchez in the AFL.
Thanks and good luck!

Originally Posted by danmecum51 View Post
Dirty Sanchez :{)

Originally Posted by clarkzac View Post
Hopefully that means I will be getting mine back from Heaney. I'm slowly knocking out the 2012 Draft set
Yeah season slowing down pretty much means TTMs slowing down
Giants, Giants, Giants! Send me a PM if you have Clayton Blackburn to sell!!!
Also looking for rarer, non auto Kyle Crick stuff!
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