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Originally Posted by checkoutmydeals View Post
If we have licensed cards not in Beckett, would it be helpful to you if we were to make some sort of spreadsheet of the numbers and names of all cards in the set?
I've done that with every order I've submitted, and they've always been ignored. I either get lots of cards back or they end up in the system incorrect and I have to submit lots of corrections.

Originally Posted by dwc07 View Post
2) If cards aren't in Beckett but are LICENSED and we can identify them, there's a growing effort for inclusion on our site.
One set in particular I'm curious about; from 1993-now, NTV, in conjuction with Toho, and later Upper Deck, have been releasing the Hideki Matsui Homerun Card set, one card for every home run he has hit in his career. Technically each year is a self contained set, but overall the number 1-whatever he has hit. For some reason, Beckett only saw fit to include the 2002 set. I've got a large chunk of this set up until the point he left for America. Would it be possible to submit more than just the 2002 cards and have them listed? Each year's cards list the year on the front, and the card numbers would just the the home run number.

I've got two duplicates I'd like to send in (200 & 229) to gauge interest, but both are from the 2000 set and not listed in Beckett.

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