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Originally Posted by JLR0747 View Post
You are a very special person.

The thread title is "2010 Sportkings Series D", that "what" was answered by me being in the thread. I will make sure to add the word "date" at the end of my question next time. You and everyone else who did read it knew exactly what I was referring too.

Your answer was appreciated, EVERYTHING else was not. Give your free grammar lessons to someone who cares.
It's just as easy to type "when" as it is to type "what".

I'll post whatever I want, whenever I want, and if it's to help people better understand the English language, I'm even more likely to post it. You're not the only one reading this thread. Perhaps my "free grammar lesson" wasn't only meant for you.

I meant no harm. It's too bad you took it that way. Relax a's Friday.
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