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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
Hoooooooooly crap what an ending.


So ... does anyone else think Walt may go after Elliott and Gretchen in the finale? I mean ... think about it for a bit ... wouldn't that make perfect sense?
No chance, think we don't see them (Gretchen and her husband) again, they were just the ones to send the empire message. He's going after the Nazis. I think Jesse will ultimately come out of it, Brock needs someone.

Originally Posted by rip+flip View Post
So who does walt go after in the finale.

Personally I think Pinkman will help him kill Todd and the rest of the redneck guys (the show made this kind of super obvious when they showed todd killing his girlfriend). But what happens after that I have no clue. Walt may get revenge on the graymatter folks too (but probably not). But I think it ends with a confrontation between walt and jesse. What happens during it is anyones guess.
Why though? They put down his name and his empire in his mind, don't need to come at them with violence, need to get back at the people ruining his meth empire, the other empire in Grey Matter has been long gone for a long time.

Originally Posted by cardsharkk View Post
Man I really hope walt doesnt die next week!! Thinking he's gonna take that Ricen... Either way greatest show of all time!! The actors are awesome, that Pinkman scene was again a classic!
My first instinct is that he uses the ricin to poison the remaining meth but that opens too big of a door.

Anyway, did anyone see the cup at the end of the episode? Looked exactly like Walt wearing his hat.
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