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Originally Posted by rip+flip View Post
So is it possible for Walt and Jesse to both survive the final episode, or does one of them die ?
I think Walt dies, anything else would leave the ending too wide-opened.

Originally Posted by rip+flip View Post
Yeah I bet walt saves pinkman from todd and the gang and then they kill them all or something along those lines (and I bet he somehow uses chemistry to do it). But I wonder what happens after that. What do you think he uses the ricin capsule for. Maybe he uses it to kill todd and them idk.
Yeah but remember it takes a few days so that wouldn't be very dramatic. Maybe gets his revenge, takes it himself, allows a certain amount of time for him to say goodbye to everyone, perhaps talk to the news and about his empire, something he'd want to do.

I should add spoiler tags to all of this, but if you haven't watched the last couple episodes, don't think you'd be in this thread.
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