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Post on reddit agrees:

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I can't help but laugh at everyone predicting this in the post-episode spoilers. The writers aren't going to completely forego Jesse and Jack's unfinished plotline's to resurrect a dead one. Gretchen and Elliot were simply the perfect characters to communicate that Walt's empire is still alive. And Walt is going to make sure his empire is going to die with him.

Edit: Furthermore consider the parallel context of the interview. They were trying to save face and shore up their own empire. Gray Matter isn't Walt's empire. If we can agree that Walt is a man partly driven by his ego, then he doesn't stoop to a level of pettiness of destroying his lost one. No, he finishes what he started and ends his own. The looming question is what exactly "finishing" means.

Who can cook his blue meth? Him, Jesse, and Todd. I think only one of those comes out alive in Jesse, don't think they'd seek so much redemption and then have him kill one of the semi-sympathetic characters.
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