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Originally Posted by groundsupport View Post
Elliott and Gretchen are done.

He wouldn't be in any of this mess if they wouldn't have sold him out.
Perhaps, but I believe they are simply the conduit to Walt realizing that his other empire, the blue meth empire, is still going - and people are still profiting from it. Walt, inspired by the loss of the profits from Grey Matter, is going to want to stop the Nazis and Meth Damon from profiting, and get his family's money back.

I think the Grey Matter execs are fine. The popular prediction is that Walt and Jesse meet up, bond together to take out the Nazis, they apologize to one another, and Walt entrusts Jesse to get the money to his family . . .and Walt dies. As for Lydia, I'm not sure if she is collateral damage or just slinks off. The Ricin could be a red herring, or it could be inserted in the latest batch of meth -- if people die from the blue meth, the people won't buy the blue meth anymore.
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