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Originally Posted by cbcedd View Post
Lots of different ways this one could end (understatement of the day). I need to watch last night's episode again, but here is an interesting theory I read earlier:
- Iím going to go ahead and make a prediction right now: itís Lydia who will get the ricin, and it will be delivered to her system via the sweetener that she puts in her precious tea. Hereís why: In that diner scene a waitress comes over to take Lydiaís order, Naturally, she orders tea, as she always does (and, as some commenters have noted, we almost always see Lydia playing with her tea, indicating some sort of significance and maybe foreshadowing something). Specifically, she says this: ďChamomile tea with soy milk, please. And Iíll need more Stevia.Ē Thereís no reason for the added line about Stevia into that scene. Itís there for a reason, and to me, itís clearly setting something up. It has significance. And ricin looks like itíd blend in flawlessly with Stevia.

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But this isn't the first time we've seen her order tea and mention stevia, we've also seen it in her restaurant scene with Walt, I believe. It makes sense, but what purpose would it make versus a straight death? There's no extra reason to dispose of her in that way, at least at the moment.
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