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what if....

It ends with Walt taking everyone out, hiding the money for the family to get later on...the ricin goes to the Grey Matter people...and Walt, knowing he will soon be dead anyway, turns himself in to take the heat so the family can get the money and move on....Walt is left in a cell alone, since he can't be out in the regular prison population of course....and then his doc tells him that his cancer is gone again and he's been suffering from side effects of the chemo he's been doing on his own for months.

So Walt lives and is in prison...alone...lost everything and will never have to stand trial for everything he's done because he admitted it to the police almost bragging about it since he knew he was dying anyway.

He originally told Hank he would be dead within 6 months and it looks like more time than that has passed? Everyone is expecting Walt to die in some would be the ultimate flip if he doesn' one will see it coming...which is the way they've run this show...even Jesse said whatever you think will happen, the opposite will happen.

Just a wild guess.
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