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Originally Posted by groundhog View Post
Awesome Bryant!!!!! I sent to him c/o AZF league team. Hope I get it back.

Are so going to send TTM to NFL players since the baseball season is over?
Thanks!!! I don't really follow football so no.

Originally Posted by Ziveus101 View Post
Sweet Hensley. I hope the Yankees assign him to Staten Island next year.
Thanks! He can be your new Jagielo!

Originally Posted by bronxbomber33 View Post
Very nice Bryant and Hensley returns!!!
Thanks! Very excited to see them back

Originally Posted by rukastar View Post

Nice work man!! I really hope he signs through AFL!!
Thanks! It's always a lottery with AFL, didn't Trout sign a couple years ago?

Originally Posted by SDcardguy24 View Post
Nice job with Kris. I've got a guy in AZ that's getting my Bryant stuff done for me lol

I can see him signing early in the fall league but stopping if/when he's overwhelmed.
Nice, did you ever see him play in SD?
Giants, Giants, Giants! Send me a PM if you have Clayton Blackburn to sell!!!
Also looking for rarer, non auto Kyle Crick stuff!
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