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Originally Posted by aggie4ever View Post
And for only having a limited amount of time to do extra cards, Jason Crosby's black and white sketches are great!

Some artists have really upped their game on the sketches they did for this set, and I hope Topps rewards them by making sure they get invited to not just any future Mars Attacks sets, but to other franchises as well. I would love to see what some of them would do for Star Wars!
If he'll stop asking me to draw Martians, I'll get started on my Star Wars cards!! Just kidding......

I'll have two weeks for finish my S.W. cards, but don't worry. Instead of sleeping, I'll draw wookies, Vaders and Tusken Raiders...OH MY!

To me honest, I've had a blast drawing the space invaders. I think allowing artists to interpret them as they see does make the set better!!! Thank you for allowing us to Let our imaginations run wild.

I am curious about how my Star Wars cards will be perceived since I'm not a 'portrait guy'. That seems to be what most Star Wars sketch card sets are comprised of. I'm more of an action.....get slaughtered by a light saber...type of artist.

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