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Originally Posted by Patsfan View Post
Not bad, if this is for sale what would you need ?

Dan Langfield Auto
Originally Posted by jeffmagley View Post
how much for the rock shoulders gold?
Pm's sent. Guys, I appreciate all the interest but gave no clue on pricing. Yes they are fs/ft, but I have no clue on pricing it these players. Gonna try and do some research on them and come up with numbers. If they are your PC dudes you should know a fair value so please send me an offer. If I like it ill accept, if i think it's close i might counter, if its a horribly low offer ill just politely decline. I wanna make some deals but I've been super busy traveling and literally got home to my cases to crack them then pass out. On the road next week again, in Dallas. Might drop some of the better cards off to get stabbed. Lets make a deal before i do that.
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