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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Are you kidding? A really nice stationary pose is fine and dandy, but an action shot is the holy grail, in my opinion. A high quality action shot is difficult to find. A lot of artists just don't have the chops, or aren't willing to put in the effort, to draw a mini masterpiece with action and character interaction. These are the kinds of cards that have depth and tell stories.
Thanks for the words of encouragement! I'm excited to get started on the Star Wars cards. I just wish I could mix in the campy violence of Mars Attacks w/ the Star Wars universe. Luke GOTTA DIE!!

Just finished my last twenty seven Mars Attacks cards in one night. There's too many portraits for my liking, but they turned out fun. Also some would look better in color, but "ain't nobody got time for DAT!" The martians on the playground was my wife's idea.

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