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Originally Posted by aggie4ever View Post
As Spider-Fan said, sketches with action shots are very popular. Either because of the difficulty in drawing them, or the time constraints that artists are under, there aren't a lot of really nice action sketches available, so when you pull one, it's very desirable. Same thing with well drawn, detailed vehicles/space ships. You just don't see a lot of them, so they are usually very popular.

One thing I would caution you with, is if you do any puzzles. Star Wars puzzles aren't packed together, so please try to only do 2 card puzzles. Or only a couple 4 card puzzles. Putting together a 2 card puzzle can take some time waiting for the other half to appear, but is usually achievable. A 4 card puzzle is very difficult to put together, and anything bigger than that is almost impossible.
No puzzles in the Star Wars set!!! Every card is already a 2-card piece which folds in the center.
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