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Originally Posted by free2131 View Post
I loved in the final scene when Walt looks into the metal tank, in the reflection we see what looks like Heisenberg.

It was a great finale... BUT one thing that did bother me is... why didn't the Nazi's check his trunk?
Thought that as well, but then, why would they? Need to protect yourself and cover exposing yourself through audio/video. Wouldn't assume anything with a trunk on either of those.

Originally Posted by IamRalpho View Post
I always regret buying each season of a show because the complete series is always bad ass.

Here is my question, Jesse still has his money right? The nazi's never took it from him. I know he was throwing it away, but he has SOME of it? OR did he lose all of it?
Sure he still has some somewhere, though I can't remember, but he may not even want it, think that's what part of the wood-building memory was about.

Wants out of the world and any memory of it hopefully, imagine him working some 9-5 clean job, though I'm sure there's evidence to prosecute him.
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