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Originally Posted by mindbinge View Post
I thought it was a good ending, but as a fan i would have liked a 2 hour ending with a little more. They mentioned on talking bad that they had run out of budget money by the end and left some stuff i guess that might have had something to do with it also.
I don't understand how a show like this can run out of money haha. I'm not talking about like huge explosions and crazy twists, I just thought they should have had a bit more. I agree, i would have liked a two hour finale, there were way to many commercials during this episode.

When i saw the ending my first thought was that the blue product, Walt's product, was dying with him, and thats how the show ended. He killed the people making it (besides Jesse), he killed Lydia who was distributing it over seas, and he died in the lab, where this whole journey started. If that was the case, then he should have killed Jesse, because jesse knows how to make the blue stuff and it is always going to have that internal battle with right and wrong that he has had for 5 seasons.

The last episode was predictable in what happened, not so much as how (machine gun in the trunk was brilliant), but who died and how walt tied up loose ends.

Him giving his money to gretchen and elliot to give to walt jr was good, i didn't see that coming, but everyone knew something had to happen to Lydia, everyone knew that walt had to kill the nazi gang, everyone knew jesse had to kill todd somehow, walt had to do something to get Skylar out of trouble, he had to get his money to walt jr without him knowing it was from him, and he had to die.
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