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Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw View Post
The general crux of it was predictable. The massacre, the Ricin for Lydia, the freeing of Jesse, predictable. The Schwartzes, not predictable. Well written finale, well written series.

HE'S THE DEVIL. WHATEVER IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, THE REVERSE OPPOSITE HAPPENS! It always works out for Walt. He plans meticulously. He has tremendous luck (car keys from the visor). Could things have gone wrong in this episode? Sure! They could have searched the trunk, or not let him park next to the clubhouse, or a li'l ol' lady could have taken the Stevia, No car keys. He could have been caught sneaking into Skyler's apartment/housing development. He may not have taken a bullet in which he would have died in police custody, or had to kill himself. Skinny Pete and Badger may not have played along with Walt's plan (how did they have pinpoint accuracy on the laser pointer, anyway? I didn't see any binocs with them). Lots of things could have gone wrong. Jesse was assuredly supposed to die in the clubhouse as Uncle JAck's partner. He didn't plan on saving Jesse until he saw that he was being held captive.

It was wrapped up nicely, but I like the spoonfed ending to the story contasted to, say, Lost's ending. I wonder if Huell has left his apartment. And I assume Badger and SPete were making the calls Marie was upset about. The father in me was horribly saddened by Walt Jr.'s turn on Walt, predominately because "YOU KILLED UNCLE HANK!" (I started rewatching the series, and in the first two seasons, it's amazing what a crappy father Walt is and what a good father Hank is to Walt Jr.) It would have been nice to see Walt Jr. (not calling him Flynn) have realization that Walt DIDN'T kill Hank. Also, did we ever find out why Marie and Hank never had kids?

It's a shame we didn't get to see Walter Jr eating breakfast.
Was hoping we'd get a scene with him, Jesse, and Walt, but yeah, no chance it was happening with the way things were. Would have been an interesting one.
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