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Originally Posted by Cactuspies View Post
maybe I missed it and I'll be watching again w/the little lady tonight, but who called the cops at the end and perfect arrival timing too? I doubt it was the noise of the bullets, those guys had much more going on which would have been louder, not to mention the smells coming out of the compound.

Also I was almost thinking Walt toured and died in the lab to basically show in the papers and news that he was still the one making it and not giving the nazi's the credit for being the meth king. I know Vince said it was more that he was thinking back and just knowing it was his lab design which got them from A to Z or something along those lines. It's all about his ego.

Also how's Jesse going to get brock? Kid is with child services or other family right?

Anyway, if you have to nitpick at holes then I think they did a damn good job of ending it. I loved it, had some shock moments, some knowns (the lydia and ricin) and they just did it the way it seems it should have ended.
walt had asked skylar to call the cops

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