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Default 5 boxes 1993 Topps Series 1. Jeter rookies and error cards

Nostalgia overload. I remember busting packs of this stuff when I was kid. I decided to grab a few boxes and instead of keeping them on the shelf waiting for them to appreciate $5 more in value over the next 20 years....I decided to bust all the packs

1993 Topps Series 1. Advertised on the box as having a gold card in every pack. 5 boxes = 36 packs = 180 packs. Inserts are the topps gold cards and the topps black gold cards.

So let's get started

In the second box I opened I got a nice little poster. It was only in this box and none of the others. Strange. I wonder how "rare" it is.

Ok onto the packs

One thing I noticed is that there are two kinds of packs. There are packs with some kind of foil on the inside and there are packs without this foil. Im assuming it was some kind of security thing where you aren't supposed to be able to see the cards in the pack until you open it. Or maybe it was something to help preserve the cards or something. All I know is that there were two boxes with the "foil packs" and 3 boxes with the "foil-less packs"

Ok onto the cards. This is where it gets fun

First off, got 5 Jeter rookies. Basically one per box.

Topps Black Gold. Remember these are supposed to be 1:72 packs for a card and 1:180 packs for a winner card. I got one "A" winner and two "B" winner cards and a Larry Walker.

Topps Gold Cards. Got several of these (obviously) with a few all stars (Barry Larkin, Robin Yount, etc) but I did run across a few "error" cards. Looks like these are Topps Gold cards that for some reason didnt have the gold foil applied properly or at all. I was hoping for a Frank Thomas (my own version of the NNOF, lol) but wasn't so fortunate. I did get an Andre Dawson and a Kevin Mitchell, so pretty neat.

Once I realized that I could see some cards through some of the packs, I began taking time to see if there were any all-stars on the tops of the sealed packs. Im not a collector of packs like that, but I know some are. I ended up finding a Tony Gwynn on top of a sealed pack as well as a Derek Jeter! The Jeter pack brings my total up to 6 for the 5 boxes. I wonder if these are worth anything more than what the cards are worth. Pretty cool nonetheless.

Here is the Tony Gwynn. If you compare the stats you will see that they match up.

Here is the card for reference

Here is the Derek Jeter.

And again, the card for reference

For regular base issue cards...I have a lot now. I separated all of the "good" players out. A few notables...

Ken Griffey Jr. - 7

Robin Yount - 10

Tony Gwynn - 4

Kirby Puckett - 5

Roger Clemens - 5

Ryne Sandberg - 7

Mark McGwire - 5

Frank Thomas - 6

Sammy Sosa - 10

Barry Bonds - 4

Plenty of others, I just don't feel like typing them all out.

All in all it was pretty fun breaking these boxes. Unlike most wax boxes from the early 90s, these probably would have held their value pretty well. But what's the fun in having an unopened box on my shelf tempting me like that. haha. Ended up busting 178 packs over 3 evenings (keeping those 2 unopened shown above)

Anyone know anything about the Jeter/Gwynn packs and the "no named" gold cards?
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