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My proposal...

2 in the same round keeper rule:
1st player is lost for that same round (i.e. rd 1 for rd 1)
Option 1:
2nd player is kept for the next closest rd (i.e. 2nd rd guy can be kept for 1st or 3rd rd selection with higher rd penalty taking precedecne)
Option 2:
2nd player is lost for next 2 rd selections (i.e. an additional 2nd rd guy can be kept for 3rd AND 4th rd selections).

Bottomline: keeping players who are upper echelon players should face more severe penalties in order to keep the league balanced.

On a 2nd note, IF a team drops from the league for the 2nd and subsequent seasons all players drafted by that team should be placed back into the FA list at the end of the season regardless if they were traded prior to the end of the season? I would like to place more scrutiny in trading so a team doesn't stack up to win a league and then a team drops.
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