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I was just thinking in time before the draft next year...

maybe trades can happen in the offeseason or injuries... why wait this year??

Maybe if i have 4 guys that are very solid keepers i would trade 2 of them to some1 for 1 better keeper

like for example... if i plan on keeping 3 of cameron in the 11th josh gordon in the 8th julius thomas in the 11th and cj spiller in the 1st (dont know exact rounds just my guess)

maybe some1 who only have 2 legit valuable keepers would trade

so if someone had maybe keeping brandon marshall in the 2nd they would trade marshall for gordon and cameron

and then we each would have 3 great keepers

just an example... why the rush?? maybe by the end of the season u have to submit 1 keeper for sure?
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