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Originally Posted by stripedbass91 View Post
I do agree with the penalty...

Lets have some options and take a vote on it. Here are some I came up with:

Option One:

Can keep two first rounders but loose the next available closest round

Option Two:

Can keep two first rounders but loose next season first round and the season after thats first round to make up for the additional first rounder being kept

Option Three:

Can keep two first rounders but you loose the next two available picks as a consequence

Option Four:

Cannot keep two first rounders. Only one is keepable
I personally like Option Three... a team should suffer consequences for keeping multiple high round selections. But I think it should read something like:

2 1st Rd Picks
1st Rd Selection for First Rd 1 keeper AND
Two subsequent Rds of selection for 2nd Rd 1 Keeper (i.e. picks 2 & 3)

Respect goes both ways...
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