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Originally Posted by DaClyde View Post
I guess perhaps the concept of blocking a user might be needed. Sportlots and eBay have it, COMC might want to look into it.
This is an interesting idea. I think the the folks at COMC and the consensus would just say to reject any offer you don't like or counter. You could be giving up legit offers by blocking someone especially if you are just trying to unload some cards and you know they will be probably be the one to buy them up from you.

BTW I'm on offer/counteroffer #8 w/Jamescards. I actually rejected a counter finally and he came back at me for all the same cards. I dropped my counter $2. (he is asking for 25 cards with a BV of $288 for $42-$49, my asking is only $82 for them and I have been countering at $58-$68
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