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Originally Posted by 85GoCards View Post
I know I redeemed one "Set A" and one "Set B", but I'm pretty sure I ended up with a double of someone and then 1 card short of the full black gold set.

I was also lucky enough to pull a Jeter topps gold, but seeing as I had everything in binder pages and hadn't heard of a toploader, I'm sure the corners are pretty beat up.

Always worth a quick peek to see if the corners are beat up or not.

It's funny, as a kid all I cared about was the condition of the corners and the player on the card. I could care less about surface condition and edges and even centering. Nowadays, I tend to over analyze every card and see which ones are "worth keeping".

I've gone through all of the cards and there are several stars that would end up being PSA 10's (in my opinion)...but they aren't worth much even that condition. So it's not really worth the gamble to see if they really are PSA 10's if it costs ~$6-10 per card to get it graded. Im seeing auctions on ebay going for $10-15 for like Griffey in perfect condition (non-gold). Oh well, point was not to try to make money but just for fun...which is was.
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