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Default Jericho case

Well, I had to snatch a case at $79 in the spooktacular sale, and I'm glad to say I got most of what I needed to complete my set!

Unfortunately, 4 of the "autos" were redemption cards, 2x Michael Gaston AR-1's, a Ashley Scott AR-1, and a Ashley Scott APWR-1

PW1 Skeet Ulrich
PW3 Lennie James
2x PW5 Lennie James triple costume
PW7 Kenneth Mitchell
PW8 Ashley Scott
PW9 Ashley Scott dual costume
PW10 Brad Beyer
PW11 Brad Beyer dual costume
PW13 Alicia Coppola

2x A3 Sprague Grayden
A6 Brad Beyer
2x A7 Shoshanna Stern
A8 Erik Knudsen

Thanks to Blowout for such a great deal!
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